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Diesel Particulate Filter Cell

How a DPF Works

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is usually made of a cordierite or silicon carbide core encased in a steel shell.  The dpf is located in-line with the exhaust on all on-road diesel engines manufactured since 2007.  As the exhaust is forced through the filter's cell walls, particulate matter or "soot" is trapped behind.  When the diesel exhaust reaches higher temperatures (like those experienced during highway operation) the trapped "soot" is oxidized and burned up.  This process is known as Passive Filter Regeneration, which happens automatically during operation and without the awareness of the operator.  Some systems know as Active Regeneration systems, use diesel fuel injection to reach the exhaust temperatures needed to successfully regenerate the filter.



Diesel Particulate Filter Ash

DPF Maintenance

Over time "ash," produced by the incomplete burning of the various engine lubricants, builds up inside the filter leading to plugged cells and increased exhaust backpressure.  Even though the normal exhaust "soot" is oxidized and burned up during filter regeneration, the "ash" is unable to be removed by this process and must be manually removed at a DPF service center with a specialized DPF servicing machine.  The "ash" removed during the DPF cleaning is considered hazardous material and needs to be handled according to local laws and regulations.  

Failure to service a DPF when necessary may lead to damage to the filter, engine performance problems, and more expensive ash removal processes.

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